Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Club Forum!

Bandana the Clown on IPR's Talk of Iowa

Just as Rotarian Gary Murphy was returning to Iowa to discover his goat had died and his pipes were frozen, he shouldered the burden of celebrity and was a featured guest on Iowa Public Radio's "Talk of Iowa" program on March 12, 2014.

Gary Murphy about town as Bandana the Clown


We were pleased to have several guests at Rotary last week.

Tsalika Drowne uses her hands to introduce her cousin Randy Williams of China and his business associate, Lois, who is making her first visit to the US. We showed her that Americans like to sing after they eat lunch.

Tsalika Drowne, Lois, Randy Williams

Becky Harkema brought Edie Nebel. Edie was the longtime director of the Washington County Dept. of Public Health and has been serving on the YMCA of Washington County board of directors. Note Amy Schulte's arm in the picture as well.

Becky Harkema and guest Edie Nebel 

Dr. Mike Jorgensen brought the new Washington football coach and Behavioral Interventionist at Lincoln Elementary, Garrison Carter. Carter's last stop was in Ogden, IA.
Dr. Mike Jorgensen and Garrison Carter


It is always great to have some dialog _about_ the club during Rotary every now and then.

We voted for several of the awards that Rotary makes each year.

Dr. Ann Harris tells us how it is.
2013 (and possible repeat) Rotarian of the Year, Ed Raber reminded the club members and guests about what are Rotary International's mission, focus and guiding principles - the basics of Rotary. It is all listed on the club website under the tab "Rotary Basics."

Combined Service Club Fundraiser @ Unc N' Nephs

There was a nice turnout at Unc and Neph's on Tuesday evening. Hopefully, Mostek will have a financial report on Thursday on how much we helped to raise for the Washington 175th Celebration.
For some pics of the event, just go to the event info page on the Washington Rotary FaceBook page.


March 27: Kathy Salazar - ?
April 3: John Winga
April 10: Bob Kennedy
April 17: Myron Graber
April 30: 2-4pm - Kids Against Hunger @ Riverside Casino ***