Sunday, December 16, 2012

UI Provost updates Rotarians

Rotary was pleased to host UI Provost, Barry Butler on Thursday. Butler gave a presentation about how the University of Iowa is reaching out to Iowa, and Washington County.

Some of the factoids that Butler related about Washington County and the University of Iowa.
  • 171 students from Washington County
  • 1026 UI alumni live in Washington County (almost 5% of the total population)
  • $46 Million in payroll to Washington County residents
  • Washington County residents also made 36,000 clinic visits to the UI Hospital & Clinics last year (including to the new clinic in Riverside)

Christmas Shopping

It was great to hear that Lil Perry, Ann Harris and the rest of the crew had completed their shopping for 5 families that Rotary adopted through HACAP. Kudo's go out to Rotarian and WalMart Store manager, Dennis Purcell, for all of his help making shopping enjoyable and focused.
Dennis: "Shucks"


Welcome new Rotary Associate Member, Grace Hunger!

She has a little apprehension about a 2 month commitment to explore Rotary, but I think that is mostly because her total life experience so far is, like 3 weeks. 

Grace Hunger


Thanks to Don and Becky Patterson for hosting a planning meeting for the upcoming Rotary Alive After 5 event on Tuesday, January 15 at Cafe Dodici. Its great to see all the hard work from Don and Becky, Kiersten Peck, Michelle Peiffer, Shawn Redlinger, and (photographer) Denise Erpelding.

It should be a great event. Apparently, several more planning meetings are being scheduled.


Don't forgot that we still have a club meeting on December 20 and on the 27th.

December 20 - Matt Miller: Amy Martin from the WCHC
December 27 - Ed LinsSamantha Ellingson on the WWII Vets recent Honor Flight to D.C.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Rotary hears about WHS Dance Marathon

Thanks to Katy Wellington and Holly Vittetoe from Washington High School talking about the upcoming Dance Marathon this Saturday at the High School. They still have some tickets to their dinner Saturday. The proceeds from the Dance Marathon go toward emotional and financial support of pediatric cancer patients the University of Iowa.

Last year, Washington High School came in third in Iowa for raising about $6,600 through their Dance Marathon. Maquoketa High School won with $9,000 which is Washington's goal for this year!  Thanks to everyone for making a contribution!
Katy & Holly - "Don't take our picture!"

It was great to have some time at the end for Brent Hinson to give us an update on whats going on with the City of Washington.
Brent gave an update on several priorities and initiatives, including:

  • A Housing Task Force to study and make recommendations back to the City Council on strategies on improving the community's housing stock and stabilizing neighborhoods.
  • Developing a new Industrial Park on City-owned land next to the new Waste Water Treatment Plant on the Southwest side
  • Developing a new street corridor on the southwest side connecting Hwy 1 with Iowa Ave. through Buchanan St. and the new Industrial Park.
  • Assist in development of a new Wellness Park on about 70 acres of land that it owns or traded for north of West 5th St.
  • Maybe a new Water Tower on the north end.

A New Song Book!

Cheryl Kurtz told the club that they'd be pulling some new tunes and old favorites together for a new song book.

Make sure that songs you love to sing like "The Happy Wanderer" make it in to the new song book by calling Cheryl every week. Check out the Muppets version here! For that matter, here is the Muppets doing Bohemian Rapsody, which would only work on club meetings where the program doesn't show up because its so long, but that would be awesome.

It was great to sing to the December born Rotarians - Dr. Mike Jorgensen, Steve Olson, Steve Slaubaugh, Eric Turner, & Emory VanGerpen

New Rotarian Jon Thompson!

Hey, welcome Jon Thompson from Reliant Long Term Care Pharmacy. Another couple years and the beard could look like Bob Kennedy's. Really.

Upcoming Programs

December 13 - Jim Gorham: UI Provost Barry Butler. Don't forget to bring a food item for HACAP!
December 20 - Matt Miller: Amy Martin from the WCHC

Great job Becky Patterson for filling in for President Terry Engelken in running today's club meeting. Thanks.