Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Annual Banquet 2019

June 26th 2019 we had our Annual Awards Dinner.  Great food, conversation and great attendance for this years dinner!

Congratulations to all our scholarship winners this year!

Gwen Flannery - Rotary Scholarship

Molly Sparks - Rotary Scholarship 

Claire Horak - John Prochaska Service Award and Rotary Youth Leadership Award 
Congratulations to Keith Lazar who received the Bill Sitler Rotary Community Service Award!
Keith Lazar - Bill Sitler Rotary Community Service Award
 And Congratulations to Ed Lins for receiving the Rotarian of the Year award presented by President Lynn Koch!

Lynn Koch passed the gavel (or two!) to Kurt Sorenson.  Thank you Lynn for your service as Rotary President!

Thank you for all who were able to attend, and a HUGE thank you to the annual awards dinner committee members (Cheryl Kurtz and Ann Harris) for organizing a great event and thank you and to Tsalika for the wonderful meal!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Washington Community School District Foundation

Last week Susan Wellington's guest was Jeff Cuddeback who spoke to us about the Washington Community School District Foundation.
Jeff is currently president for the Washington CSD Foundation and wanted to bring awareness to the foundation.  Founded in 1994, the Washington CSD Foundation seeks to bridge the gap between what taxes and other public funds provide and what the school and it's students are still needing to receive the finest education possible.  The Washington CSD Foundation works independently from the school district and board.  Currently the Foundation is providing scholarships to graduating students ranging from Ag to Music Scholarships.

Jeff Cuddeback and Susan Wellington
Jeff would love to see the Foundation and it's ability to impact the Washington CSD students grow. 
Jeff discussing his involvement with the Washington CSD Foundation.
Thank you , Jeff , for presenting all this great information to our group!

Upcoming Events:
20: TBA
26: Awards Dinner @ Country Club - 6pm
27: No Meeting!
4: No Meeting - Independence Day
11: Kurt Sorenson
18: Sue Basten

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Purple Martins

This past week we had a great presentation about purple martins by Randy Fehr's guest, Adam Todd.  Adam is a Washington High School grad (class of 2017) and is currently working for the Department of Natural Resources at Lake Darling.  He is also currently taking classes at Des Moines Community College.
Adam shared with us that the purple martin is the largest member of the swallow family.  They are also 100% dependent on humans for housing.  Adam helps maintain and monitor the purple martin houses at Lake Darling and his grandfathers house!  Purple martins are a popular bird that people encourage to their properties because they eat so many insects. 
Adam Todd presenting on the purple martins
Purple martins typically return to Iowa in March/April and leave around late July/early August.  Even though they are only here for a short time, they have many fans in Iowa!
Adam Todd and Randy Fehr
Upcoming Events:
13: Ed Lins
20: TBA
26: Awards Dinner @ Country Club - 6pm
27: No Meeting
4: Independence Day - No Meeting
11: Kurt Sorenson