Thursday, August 30, 2012

Darryl Jarmosco speaks at Washington Rotary

Thank you Tsalika Drown for inviting and introducing your program speaker, Darryl Jarmosco, a motivational speaker, author and coach from Fairfield.

Tsalika Drown has her thoughts down on paper
Darryl had a great message.

  • Take the things out of your head and put them on paper!
  • 80% of what we do is unconscious - the power of the mind is what leads to fulfillment.
  • Remember, do what makes you happy.

Darryl Jarmosco lays it out for the Club
Thank you Darryl for bringing your message to Rotary today.

For more information about Darryl Jarmosco, check out his web site:

Get your Turkey Dinner ticket sales dollars turned in to Susan Wellington ASAP...

Upcoming Programs:

  • Thurs., Sept. 6 - Dr. Ann Harris - Turkey Dinner Planning
  • Monday, Sept. 10 - TURKEY DINNER @ United Methodist Church
  • Thurs., Sept. 13 - Darwin Sherman
  • Thurs., Sept. 20 - Larry Fishback
Remember these September Rotary Birthdays!

  • Denise Erpelding
  • Bob Ruppert
  • Dr. Ann Harris
  • Dennis Hunger

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Turkey dinner planning & website preview

Thanks to cheerleader Dr. Ann Harris and Nancy Rash for leading us through Turkey Dinner planning! Hopefully we'll feed over 700 on Sept. 10!

Remember, it's our major fundraiser for scholarships and the annual Christmas party for kids!

Ed Raber took a few minutes to update the club on the new website he developed.

Look for e-mail updates from the blog.

Feel free to offer suggestions for additional content for the web site...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Thanks to everyone for all their help on this worthwhile, annual scholarship fundraiser! See you at the United Methodist Church!

      Sue Basten-             4-7 Window Server

      Dick Colby-              4-7 Window Server 
      Kent Dallmeyer       4-7 Dining Room     Jane Dallmeyer--2-5 Pies
      Craig Davis              4-7 Shift Captain
      Tsalika Drown         4-7 Dining Room Server
      Jim Dunn-                7-10 Morning set-up
      Barb Edmondson   5-8 Kitchen / Clean-up
      Terry Engelkin        4-7 Window               Becky Engelkin- 2-5 Pies
      Denise Erpelding  4-7 Dessert- Eat In Manager
      Larry Fishback       4-7 Carry out
      Jim Gorham            4-7 Dinning Room
      Myron Graber         7-10 Morning Set -Up
      Ann Harris               2-5 Shift/ coleslaw/ 5-8 clean-up
      Brent Hinson           7-10 Morning Set-up
      Harvey Holden       2-5 Coleslaw
      Paul Horak              7-10am Beans/ Morning Set-up
      Dennis Hunger       6-9 Clean-up
      Mike Jorgensen      4-7 Dining Room Server            Ginny Jorgensen - 4-7 Dining Room Server
      Mark Kendall           5-8 Kitchen / Clean-up
      Bob Kennedy          No shift
      Cheryl Kurtz             7-10 Morning Set-up/ BBQ
      Les Lamping           4-7 Window Server
      Ed Lins                     4-7 Dining Room Server
      Adam Mangold       5-8 Kitchen Clean-up
      Chris Marshall         2-5 Pies
      Matt Miller                 5-8 Kitchen/ clean-up
      John Moenck            Dining Director
      Jim Mostek               5-8 Kitchen/ Clean-up
      Gary Murphy            4-7 Tickets -Carry out
      Rob Negrete            Final Clean-up
      Steve Olson             5-8 Kitchen/Clean-up
      Don Patterson         7-10 Morning Set-up
      Becky Patterson      4-7 Dessert Manager/ Eat-in
      Kierstan Peck          4-7 Carry-out
      Lil Perry                    7-10 Morning Set-up
      Ray Poe                   7-10 Morning Set-up
      Dennis Purcell        5-8 Kitchen / Clean-up
      Ed Raber                 4-7 Dinning Room Server              Meredith Raber- 4-7 Carry-out
      Nancy Rash            2-5 Pie Co- Chair
      Bob Ruppert           4-7 Dining Room Server
      Kathy Salazar         4-7 Carry-out  
      Darwin Sherman    4-7 Dining Room
      Steve Slaubaugh   4-7 Carry-out
      Eric Turner              6-8 Clean-up
      Emory VanGerpen   2-5 Coleslaw
      Don Vitttetoe          4-7 Dining Room
      Susan Wellington  Tickets /Dine-in
      John Winga           7-10 Morning Set-up
      Bob Wollenberg    5-8 Kitchen Clean-up 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rotary hears about RUSS

We heard a very informative presentation today about a complex and frequently misunderstood organization, RUSS or Rural Utility Service System.

RUSS Director, Bruce Hudson, gave some background on the history of the organization, the planning efforts in Richmond, Rubio and Ollie, and the regulations that are guiding RUSS and Washington County.

Thank you for the presentation, Bruce.

Rotary Dist. Gov. Terry & Peggy Geiger visit Washington

Our program on August 2nd was a special visit from District 6000 District Governor, Terry Geiger and his wife Peggy Geiger. His home club is the Rotary Club of Leon, Iowa.

Rotarian's can follow his FaceBook page chronicling his travels around Southern Iowa at 

Geiger was welcomed by our club President, Terry Engelken, and was entertained and hosted by Past District 6000 Governor, Don Patterson and Becky Patterson.
The Pattersons and the Geigers.
RI President Sakuji Tanaka
Governor Geiger, as a representative of Rotary International, spoke about the initiatives of 2012-13 RI President Sakuji Tanaka.

He also said that he hoped to collect a new pair of shoes for every Rotarian in District 6000 by the District Convention April 11-13, at Honey Creek Resort.

It was a pleasure to hear from the Geigers.

Rotary tours New High School

Washington Rotary had a great meeting this week at the new High School. Rotarian and school superintendent, Dr. Mike Jorgensen was our host and gave a brief tour of the new facility for the program.

The new school looks great and will serve the community for generations. Based on how the basketball shooting demonstrations in the gym went after the tour, the nets in the hoops should last a very long time as well...

Thank you Dr. J for the informative tour.