Sunday, September 30, 2012

Becky's first Meeting behind the Podium!

Becky Patterson
It was great to have Becky Patterson lead our meeting for the first time on Thursday. Thanks, Becky!

We were supposed to hear from Byron Pringle about his gaming software company, Sidewalk Games. Unfortunately, he had an emergency and could not attend. Byron hopes to come back soon to give his presentation (so let us know if you need an idea for a future program...).

Instead of a regular program, we heard updates and stories from club members.

Thanks to Gary Murphy for having just a lot to tell us about. 

Even when the program doesn't show up and we have to punt, we still didn't get out before 1pm. That's a great thing about Rotary, really.

Gary Murphy holds us spellbound
Special thanks to Ed Raber.  Raber?  Raaaber?

Upcoming Programs

October 4th  - Ray Poe
October 11th - Rob Negrete
October 18th - Ed Raber; Jon Thompson of Beans Pharmacy/Reliant Long Term Care Pharmacy for Business & Industry Appreciation Day!

Send Ed an e-mail with your invited guest or sign up on Thursday!

Xicotepec Project Application!

The Rotary District 6000 Xicotepec Project application form for the March 2013 project team trip to Xicotepec is now available online. The deadline to submit your application and the initial $200 deposit is Nov 9, 2012. You know you want to do this.

Trip dates are March 16 – 24, 2013.  2013 will be the 11th consecutive year in which a project team from our district has traveled to Xicotepec to support the projects of the Rotary Club of Xicotepec de Juárez.

All the information needed in order to apply will be found at the online site, which is:

Monday, September 24, 2012

Rotary stuff - Xicotepec app too

Sidewalk Games on Thursday

Our program on Thursday will be Byron Pringle, a young game software designer that started a company called Sidewalk Games.

Tito the Tiger
Sidewalk Games is a casual game developer specializing in PC and Mobile Games. The company was founded in November 2011 by Byron and Eric Pringle. The company is located in small town Washington, IA located 60 miles south of Cedar Rapids, IA. In March of 2012, Sidewalk Games went into a partnership with Big Fish Games as a distributor for there casual gaming software.

Be sure to come hear Byron tell his entrepreneurial story.

More Washington County, IA Factoids from FSA's Bill Bartenhagen's presentation last week

  • 1800 Farms
  • 1600 Producers
  • Total acres = about 300,000
  • Corn = 128,000 acres
  • Soybeans = 87,000 acres
  • CRP (Conservation Reserve Program) = 42,000 acres
  • Annual CRP Payments = $5.5 million
  • 2,800 CRP Contracts (entire State of NY has 2,826)
  • 232 miles of Waterways in CRP
  • 344 miles of Filter Strips in CRP
  • 1,800 acres of CRP will have expiring contracts in Sept 2012
  • 7,000 acres of CRP will have expiring contracts in Sept 2013
  • 1,700 farms (97%) participate in the FSA's Direct and Counter Cyclical Payment Program (DCP) which injects about $5 million annually into Washington County

Rotary Business & Industry Appreciation Day - Oct. 18

Start thinking of a future Rotarian guest you can invite for Oct. 18. We'll hear from Jon Thompson, owner of Beans Pharmacy, but also the very interesting startup company - Reliant Long Term Care Pharmacy.

Xicotepec Project Application!

The Rotary District 6000 Xicotepec Project application form for the March 2013 project team trip to Xicotepec is now available online. The deadline to submit your application and the initial $200 deposit is Nov 9, 2012. You know you want to do this.

Trip dates are March 16 – 24, 2013.  2013 will be the 11th consecutive year in which a project team from our district has traveled to Xicotepec to support the projects of the Rotary Club of Xicotepec de Juárez.

All the information needed in order to apply will be found at the online site, which is:


Applicants should budget +/- $1,600 (youth) to +/- $1,750 (Rotarians and adults) for total trip cost, which includes all transportation, lodging and meals (except meals "en route"). Additional costs paid by participants would include two meals in Mexico City, snacks, bottled water and souvenirs. $100-$200 in spending money is adequate for most participants.
Exact costs will be determined in early 2013 once airline, charter bus and hotel reservations have been finalized.
Past projects undertaken by Xicotepec Project Teams from our district include: numerous construction, paving, landscaping and painting projects in schools and other public places, installation of drinking water purification systems in schools, painting artistic murals in public areas, assisting U of I School of Pharmacy students in deworming school children, assisting U of I Dental School students with fluoride treatments and dental hygiene education, helping in programs to screen for diabetes and cervical cancer, enjoying recess at schools with children, playing soccer, jump rope, and basketball with the children at an orphanage plus many more . . . .
Questions or inquiries should be referred to -
Jim Peterson, Project Coordinator and District Committee Co-chair
Kay Carpenter, District Committee Co-chair

Friday, September 21, 2012

Rotary hears from FSA's Bartenhagen

It was great to have Larry Fishback at Rotary this week! Maybe its the start of a trend.
Bill Bartenhagen with Terry Engelken (R) and Unnamed Rotarian Head (L)
Fishback's guest was Bill Bartenhagen, the Executive Director of the Washington County Farm Service Agency (FSA), an agency of the federal USDA.

Bartenhagen gave some great info about acres of soybeans and corn grown this year in Washington County, as well as the 40,000 acres entered into the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). He noted that Washington County has as many CRP contracts as all of New York state, and more than 8 western states, combined! Takeaway --> Washington County farmers pay attention to conservation farming practices.

Bartenhagen also gave his insights into the pending reauthorization of the federal Farm Bill. Don't hold your breath for Congressional action to reauthorize this important legislation before the November election.

FSA Washington County office

It was also a treat to have visiting Wellman Rotarian, Barry Johnson, and immanent Washington Rotarian, Becky Harkema attending our club this week.

Thanks to Craig Davis for bringing Greg Holm, a brand new attorney who is joining Lloyd McConnell Davis & Lujan. Greg recently moved to Washington, where his father, Dr. Lloyd Holm, is a doctor in the Washington County Hospital's Women's Healthcare of Washington clinic.

Next week, Ed Raber will probably have a program. Hopefully, Susan Wellington will present the final financial report for the Turkey Dinner also. Looking forward to seeing Fishback next week too.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rotary learns about Sonshine Medical Equipment

It was great to hear from Ron Flora about the Sonshine medical equipment project, an outreach of First Christian Church in Washington.

Sonshine is a compassionate outreach of First Christian Church that loans clean, quality, home care medical equipment to residents of Washington County who cannot secure the equipment they need to recover from illness or injury at home through Medicare, private insurance, or other support organizations. There is no cost for borrowing the equipment for as long as it is needed.

Flora said they have assisted over 100 people since they started, and have an equipment library of over 200 quality items.

Sonshine welcomes donations of home health care equipment that is clean and in excellent to new condition. After receiving the equipment, Sonshine will send the donor a Thank You! letter acknowledging the donation of equipment with the date received and a reasonable valuation of the equipment for tax purposes if requested.

Flora, the Sonshine executive director, can be reached at (319) 591-1333 or his mobile at (641) 919-5812, or

Sonshine is located at 211 South Iowa Ave., Washington IA 52353, and at general e-mail address

Next week's program (9/20/2012) is a real treat.  Larry Fishback's program is Bill Bartenhagen, the director of the Washington County USDA Farm Service Agency. Maybe Susan will bring that financial report on the Turkey Dinner too.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pics from the Rotary Turkey Dinner, 2012

Just a few (22) pics to help you remember our great 2012 fundraiser unfold. Susan Wellington will have a full financial report at Thursday's Rotary Club meeting.
Don't forget that Susan's program on Thursday is Ron Slora of Sonshine Medical Supply in Washington.

Getting ready in the morning, 9:40am - great to see Bob Logan in on the action.

Opening the kitchen

A lot of pies to cut

Stacking the pies in the afternoon.

prep work in the kitchen

Piece of pie, Honey?

Backstage at the serving line

Helping with a smile

a full house

Tickets Please!

Where is the lost & found?

Eat your beans, kid.

more water?

Harvey's table

washing dishes

a little emergency coleslaw around 6pm...

the Royalty show up - Gov. Terry & Peggy Geiger, Chris Knapp & his wife are greeted by Becky Patterson and Meredith

Store Manager!  Kickin' back supervising

Celebrety table - Geiger's, Knapp's, Patterson's and Prochaska

Gov ink...

In trouble with Ann...

Finished up at 7:45pm!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rotary Turkey Dinner Planning II

Thanks to Dr. Ann Harris and Nancy Rash for taking the club through the final details of next Monday's (Sept. 10) Rotary Turkey Dinner at the United Methodist Church. It will be our first year without Ione Burham's gentle but firm guidance, but things seem to be under control.

Susan Wellington reported that we've sold right around 700 tickets!  Great job, club (especially Bob Ruppert who gets to select a free toy for being our top seller)!

Dr. Ann Harris & Nancy Rash guide the club through next Monday's schedule. That's Craig Davis' head too.

We were also blessed to have a visiting Rotarian, and hopefully a new Washington Rotarian, Becky Harkema. Becky is the new Executive Director at the Washington Community Y, replacing Rotarian Greg Woller who recently moved back to Wisconsin.

Welcome Becky!   The Y and the Washington Chamber of Commerce are hosting an "Alive After 5" for Becky Harkema and new aquatic program director Kara Batt on Tuesday, Sept. 11 at the Y. Stop by after work and say "Hi." Gently remind her that you met her at Rotary.

New Y Director, Becky Harkema, sitting under a Kiwanis banner next to Don Vittetoe (L) and Jim Mostek (R).

Thanks to Jim Mostek for singing with gusto to the birthday Rotarians!

Money was raised by Paul Horak in pools supporting either the Hawks or the Cyclones for the big game on Saturday. It was unclear from his report how much was raised for each team, but about half the club will be gloating next Thursday.

There are some great upcoming programs that you will not want to miss.

Sept. 13 - Susan Wellington: Ron Slora of Sonshine Medical Supply
Sept. 20 - Larry Fishback: USDA Farm Service Agency director, Bill Bartenhagen