Monday, September 10, 2012

Pics from the Rotary Turkey Dinner, 2012

Just a few (22) pics to help you remember our great 2012 fundraiser unfold. Susan Wellington will have a full financial report at Thursday's Rotary Club meeting.
Don't forget that Susan's program on Thursday is Ron Slora of Sonshine Medical Supply in Washington.

Getting ready in the morning, 9:40am - great to see Bob Logan in on the action.

Opening the kitchen

A lot of pies to cut

Stacking the pies in the afternoon.

prep work in the kitchen

Piece of pie, Honey?

Backstage at the serving line

Helping with a smile

a full house

Tickets Please!

Where is the lost & found?

Eat your beans, kid.

more water?

Harvey's table

washing dishes

a little emergency coleslaw around 6pm...

the Royalty show up - Gov. Terry & Peggy Geiger, Chris Knapp & his wife are greeted by Becky Patterson and Meredith

Store Manager!  Kickin' back supervising

Celebrety table - Geiger's, Knapp's, Patterson's and Prochaska

Gov ink...

In trouble with Ann...

Finished up at 7:45pm!!