Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sen. Chuck Grassley visits Rotary

We had a lot of guests last week, some of them because of our special guest, Senator Chuck Grassley who was on his annual 99 County tour.

Grassley was accompanied by his trusty staff.

Nick Zimmerman is a visiting Rotarian from Red Oak, who is helping the YMCA with fundraising. Margaret Stouffer next to him was a guest of Sue Basten.
Nick Zimmerman
Sue Basten also brought Beth Dillon from Washington State Bank.
Sue Basten and Beth Dillon
Lynn Koch brought guest Brett Pierson.

Lynn Koch and Brett Pierson
Laura Bombei brought her husband

We felt safe with (Kiwanian) Shawn Ellingson and Sheriff Jared Schneider keeping tabs on the meeting.

Shawn Ellingston and Jared Schneider
Craig Davis brought (Kiwanian) Joe McConnell. Plus it is great to have returning Rotarian Matt Miller from the WCHC reconnecting.

Joe McConnell and Matt Miller
Craig Davis also brought Katie Lujan, another partner from his law office.

Katie Lujan and Craig Davis
Brandi Hemsley brought her Dad to Rotary!

Brandi Hemsley
Its always nice to have visiting Kalona Rotarian, Dave Hochstetler attend our club meeting.
Dave Hochstetler
Amber Trettin brought her husband Josh. Washington Mayor Jaron Rosien also slipped in to the club meeting.

Amber and Josh Trettin, and Jaron Rosien
Amber Trettin also brought Marty Beenblossom, who somehow ended up sitting next to Senator Grassley.

Senator Chuck Grassley and Marty Beenblossom

Senator Chuck Grassley's Annual 99 County Tour

Every year for many years, Senator Chuck Grassley has done a 99 County Tour, meeting with people in every county in the state. This year in Washington County, he visiting Washington Rotary.

It was a real treat to get to do Q&A with a national leader like Chuck Grassley.

Jim Gorham enthusiastically greeted Senator Grassley, as Bob Kennedy looks on.

Jim Gorham, Senator Chuck Grassley, and Bob Kennedy
 Senator Chuck Grassley chatted with Rotarians and guests as they came to the club meeting.
Terry Engelken and Senator Chuck Grassley
 Don Vittetoe waits for the punch line from Chuck.
Don Vittetoe and Senator Chuck Grassley

Craig Davis and Senator Chuck Grassley

Toast to Rotary - April 13, 11:00a - 2:30p

District Governor Mike Ruby is hosting multiple events around the District rather than a multi-day District Conference. Ours is April 13 from 11:00a to 2:30p at the Coralville Radisson Hotel and Conference Center.

Can we count on you to participate in this innovative form of a district conference?  This new format will allow you to have a district conference experience at a lower cost, less travel, and a shorter time away from family and jobs.  For those who have never attended a district conference before, this will be a great opportunity to meet Rotarians from other clubs and experience a bigger picture of Rotary. To register for a TOAST, click here.  Also, see pages 4-6 of the December district newsletter.

If you haven't checked out the front page of info on DG Mike Ruby's district's web site, its worth a click through.

Upcoming Events

March 1: Lynn & Michelle club and membership update
March 8: Brandi Hemsley - Nick Pacha on Washington Wellness Park
March 15: Craig Davis - TBA
March 22: Don Vittetoe - Ag Day, bring a guest!
March 29: Emory VanGerpen - Holy Week

Check out the District 6000 2017-18 Q2 Newsletter - its worth a read!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Fire station, blood drive, Sen. Grassley

It was a treat to have longtime Washington Firefighter, Joe Redlinger at two consecutive Rotary meetings. Welcome back, Joe!

Joe Redlinger
Rotarian Dick Gallagher told the club that many years ago, they hosted a Thai foreign exchange student. He wore this Thai silk necktie to remind him of his student's birthday. Get it, a tie for a Thai...
Dick Colby and his Thai tie

Fire Station Addition & City Hall Remodel

Thanks to Brent Hinson for inviting himself to give the club a presentation on the City's nearly final plans to build a new fire station, and remodeling of the existing City Hall. Brent said that the City had been saving up money, plus budgeting for expenditures currently, and would not need to raise property taxes to pay for the project.

Brent Hinson
The is a sketch of the remodeled City Hall, actually Phase 2 of the total project. The project is a total remodel of the current City Hall, police station, and fire station. It is about 9,400 s.f. and is projected to cost $1.2 million.

The City is planning to build a new Fire Station with training classrooms, and more space for equipment and vehicles. It is 14,200 s.f. and $2.5 million.

Blood Drive

Thanks to everyone for helping make calls and to assist the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center to run a successful blood drive last Thursday. We met our goal by having 87 units of blood donated.


Our Daffodil fundraiser is coming to a close for Relay for Life and American Cancer Society, and for the 3 Washington County Rotary clubs.
Please bring your Daffodil sales sheets to Rotary on Thursday.  The very very last day we can accept orders is next Thursday, March 1st.

Sen. Chuck Grassley 99 County Tour - February 22

Senator Chuck Grassley is going to visit Washington Rotary this Thursday as his stop in Washington County on his annual 99 County Tour. This isn't a campaign stop (Grassley's term isn't up until 2022).

This is a great opportunity to hear from one of the most central figures in national political life. Plus, you'll have an opportunity to ask questions of the Senator.

** If you plan to bring a guest, you must contact Michelle Redlinger on Wednesday, Feb. 21st with your info. 319-653-3272,

Senator Charles Grassley


February 22:  Rotary Board Meeting, 11am, Jones Eden Funeral Home
February 22:  Sen. Chuck Grassley 99 County Tour  ** Daffodil Sales due
March 1:  Lynn Koch & Michelle Redlinger - Club Update and Membership 
March 8:  Brandi Hemsley - Park Dir. Nick Pacha on the Wellness Park
March 15: Craig Davis - TBA