Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Thanks to everyone for all their help on this worthwhile, annual scholarship fundraiser! See you at the United Methodist Church!

      Sue Basten-             4-7 Window Server

      Dick Colby-              4-7 Window Server 
      Kent Dallmeyer       4-7 Dining Room     Jane Dallmeyer--2-5 Pies
      Craig Davis              4-7 Shift Captain
      Tsalika Drown         4-7 Dining Room Server
      Jim Dunn-                7-10 Morning set-up
      Barb Edmondson   5-8 Kitchen / Clean-up
      Terry Engelkin        4-7 Window               Becky Engelkin- 2-5 Pies
      Denise Erpelding  4-7 Dessert- Eat In Manager
      Larry Fishback       4-7 Carry out
      Jim Gorham            4-7 Dinning Room
      Myron Graber         7-10 Morning Set -Up
      Ann Harris               2-5 Shift/ coleslaw/ 5-8 clean-up
      Brent Hinson           7-10 Morning Set-up
      Harvey Holden       2-5 Coleslaw
      Paul Horak              7-10am Beans/ Morning Set-up
      Dennis Hunger       6-9 Clean-up
      Mike Jorgensen      4-7 Dining Room Server            Ginny Jorgensen - 4-7 Dining Room Server
      Mark Kendall           5-8 Kitchen / Clean-up
      Bob Kennedy          No shift
      Cheryl Kurtz             7-10 Morning Set-up/ BBQ
      Les Lamping           4-7 Window Server
      Ed Lins                     4-7 Dining Room Server
      Adam Mangold       5-8 Kitchen Clean-up
      Chris Marshall         2-5 Pies
      Matt Miller                 5-8 Kitchen/ clean-up
      John Moenck            Dining Director
      Jim Mostek               5-8 Kitchen/ Clean-up
      Gary Murphy            4-7 Tickets -Carry out
      Rob Negrete            Final Clean-up
      Steve Olson             5-8 Kitchen/Clean-up
      Don Patterson         7-10 Morning Set-up
      Becky Patterson      4-7 Dessert Manager/ Eat-in
      Kierstan Peck          4-7 Carry-out
      Lil Perry                    7-10 Morning Set-up
      Ray Poe                   7-10 Morning Set-up
      Dennis Purcell        5-8 Kitchen / Clean-up
      Ed Raber                 4-7 Dinning Room Server              Meredith Raber- 4-7 Carry-out
      Nancy Rash            2-5 Pie Co- Chair
      Bob Ruppert           4-7 Dining Room Server
      Kathy Salazar         4-7 Carry-out  
      Darwin Sherman    4-7 Dining Room
      Steve Slaubaugh   4-7 Carry-out
      Eric Turner              6-8 Clean-up
      Emory VanGerpen   2-5 Coleslaw
      Don Vitttetoe          4-7 Dining Room
      Susan Wellington  Tickets /Dine-in
      John Winga           7-10 Morning Set-up
      Bob Wollenberg    5-8 Kitchen Clean-up