Monday, March 17, 2014

Combined Service Club Fundraiser March 25th at Unc & Nephs

Some news that didn't fit in the last Rotary update...

Rotary is co-hosting a fundraiser event with other Washington service clubs after work at Unc & Nephs on Tuesday, March 25th

Unc & Nephs will donate a percentage of their receipts, so the more people that show up and have dinner and/or drinks, the more money raised. Pretty easy.
Unc & Nephs
  • 1015 West Madison (Hwy 92)
  • Washington, Iowa 52353
  • (319) 461-3752
The funds raised will be donated to Washington's 175th Celebration June 1-8, 2014.

This first of its kind event will be co-hosted by:
  • Washington Rotary Club - Pres. Becky Patterson
  • Kiwanis Noon Club - Pres. Dan Voss
  • Kiwanis AM Club - Pres. Matt Brown
  • Washington Lions Club - Pres. Bill Ebert
  • Optimist AM Club - Pres. Ryan Hall
See you there!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

A leprechaun was spotted in downtown Washington today. He said "Ah, Laddie, you can't have the Pot O' Gold because of this clause on page 127 of your policy. Sooo sorry."