Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Washington Community School District Foundation

Last week Susan Wellington's guest was Jeff Cuddeback who spoke to us about the Washington Community School District Foundation.
Jeff is currently president for the Washington CSD Foundation and wanted to bring awareness to the foundation.  Founded in 1994, the Washington CSD Foundation seeks to bridge the gap between what taxes and other public funds provide and what the school and it's students are still needing to receive the finest education possible.  The Washington CSD Foundation works independently from the school district and board.  Currently the Foundation is providing scholarships to graduating students ranging from Ag to Music Scholarships.

Jeff Cuddeback and Susan Wellington
Jeff would love to see the Foundation and it's ability to impact the Washington CSD students grow. 
Jeff discussing his involvement with the Washington CSD Foundation.
Thank you , Jeff , for presenting all this great information to our group!

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