Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Purple Martins

This past week we had a great presentation about purple martins by Randy Fehr's guest, Adam Todd.  Adam is a Washington High School grad (class of 2017) and is currently working for the Department of Natural Resources at Lake Darling.  He is also currently taking classes at Des Moines Community College.
Adam shared with us that the purple martin is the largest member of the swallow family.  They are also 100% dependent on humans for housing.  Adam helps maintain and monitor the purple martin houses at Lake Darling and his grandfathers house!  Purple martins are a popular bird that people encourage to their properties because they eat so many insects. 
Adam Todd presenting on the purple martins
Purple martins typically return to Iowa in March/April and leave around late July/early August.  Even though they are only here for a short time, they have many fans in Iowa!
Adam Todd and Randy Fehr
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