Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The Village Community

This past week we had a great presentation from Todd Kurtz on The Village Community.  Todd is Cheryl Kurtz's son and is one of the founding families for The Village Community outside of Iowa City.  The Village Community is a place that provides services and support for individuals with intellectual disabilities.  The Village was started in 2013 and has provided excellent day therapy and after school care for several individuals and families for the past 6 years.  They have also received outstanding remarks on any review of their services and even CARF Accreditation.
Todd and Cheryl Kurtz
Todd gave us a great overview and it was wonderful to hear all the great things The Village Community is doing!
Todd Kurtz speaking on The Village Community
We also have to give a HUGE thank you to Gary Murphy for volunteering for Family Day last weekend for Ridiculous Days!  Thank you, Gary, for supervising the pony rides and representing our club last week!  Also, thank you to Michelle Redlinger for the great photo!
Gary supervising the pony rides for Ridiculous Days 2019 
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