Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Business and Industry Day

Rotarians were educated on the benefits of Fiber network during last Thursday's Business & Industry Day. Kalona Cooperative Technology Company (KCTC) gave an informative program about the history of their company (originally called Kalona Swtichboard around 100 years ago) and how they are addressing today's technology needs. The fiber technology is the highest standard in the industry and offers great bandwidth and speed. After adding fiber to 100% of Kalona, they have been expanding services in Washington over the past 5 years. KCTC was the first business to build in the new Business Park south of town and is excited to offer internet, telephone, and television services to Washington.  KCTC also operates iTech in downtown Washington. The retail location offers mobile phones and computer/cell repair. 

In addition to the technology services that KCTC offers the community, they are actively involved in our communities. They offer classes on technology, host membership events in the community, and give back to various organizations. For more information about how KCTC is impacting Washington, please visit www.kctcwashington.com

KCTC's General Manager Casey Peck and Marketing Director Rory White
Rotary was fortunate to have several guests attend Rotary to hear about KCTC as well. Thank you to all of the guests that attended!

Upcoming Programs
November 1: Bob Kennedy
November 8: District Governor Tom Narak
November 15: Jim Mostek
November 29: Brett Pierson