Monday, October 8, 2018

Student Success Project

Justin Davis and Susan Wood visited Rotary at the last meeting. They got to listen in on a presentation given by Curt Mayer and Willie Stone about the Student Success Project underway for Washington's 6th graders. This program is a grant funded program designed to help 6th graders succeed by strengthening families and increasing access to community resources. The grant is for the current 6th grade class to be followed through their 9th grade year, but the ultimate goal is to have a sustainable program that all ages of students can take advantage of.

Curt Mayer and Willie Stone educate Rotary about Washington's Student Success Program

Upcoming Events:
October 11th: WCHC Corp
October 18th: Michelle Redlinger - Business and Industry Day - Bring a guest!
October 25th: Jim Mostek
November 1st: Becky Patterson