Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rrrrotary learns about Telepharm

Talk Like A Pirate Day

September 19 was International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Thank you Ed Lins for again being the hip cat in the club.

"Aaarrrg! Gimme the 4-way test or you can walk the plank, matey!"

Welcome Emily Johnson!

Denise Erpelding gives a Rotary name badge to new corporate member, Emily Johnson. 

Welcome, Emily! FWIW, Emily sings really well.

Senior Active

Congratulations to these Rotarians that earned their Senior Active pin! You earn that pin when your age plus years served equals 80. You do the math. Just for clarification, Denise is in the pic for some other award.

L-R: John Winga, Cheryl Kurtz, Ray Poe, Dr. Ann Harris, (Past DG) Don Patterson, Denise Erpelding

Habitat for Humanity Update from Ray Poe

The Washington Habitat build has started!  It is very exciting to see the walls go up and meet the volunteers who are donating their time to help a family from the community

Right now we have Fridays and Saturdays in September scheduled as build days, with both morning and afternoon time slots.  If Rotarians would like to volunteer as a group, please let me know and we can reserve one of the time slots for you.  If you'd like a different day besides a Friday or Saturday, we can arrange that as well! 

If people want to join us individually to volunteer, they can go to our website to sign up.

Hannah's Blog

Hannah Purner, our Rotary youth exchange student from Austria, has a blog about her stay in Iowa this year. Its witty. Check it out here.


Thanks to Caleb Wilson for having Roby Miller talk about the company he started, Telepharm. His company could be a big deal.

Roby's step dad, Todd Thompson, is also co-founder of Reliant Long Term Care Pharmacy in Washington (where Caleb works).

Roby Miller
Telepharm is making small town pharmacies viable again. Here is why that market segment exists:


September 24:  FAMSCO Work Day
September 26:  Don Patterson - Ann Williams on the Affordable Health Care Act
October 1:  Dine with Rotary at Unc and Nephs fundraiser
October 3:  Dick Colby - Ericka & Meredith's Trip to Russia and the Baltics
October 10:  Tsalika Drown - Things that Bug Me about You
October 17:  Business & Industry Day with Bravatile's Gerald Edson

Kent Dallmeyer blocks Emily Johnson's exit while he talks to her about Rotary Foundation after her first meeting as a Rotarian.