Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pics of the Rotary Turkey Dinner

From the back of the napkin, it looks like we served about 600 meals on Monday night! Well over half were carry-out dinners, and there were 50 walk-ins that bought tickets at the door. We sold about 680 tickets, so a chunk went unused.

The Dessert Girlz

The coleslaw gang was hard at work early in the day.

Partially candid pic of DG Jacque Andrew and Club Pres Becky Patterson

The calm before the Storm

The Storm

Over half of the dinners served are carry-out.

Coralville North Corridor Club Pres., Royce Phillips came down to the dinner. 
He's also a candidate for Senate District 39 that Sandy Greiner is retiring from...

Susan Wellington and Jacque Andrew share a moment at the dine-in ticket table.

Becky and Hannah ask "How about a piece of pie, honey?"

Bob Kennedy considers the existential meaning of the double broiler pan.

Ed Lins knows what work looks like.

Dick Colby touches all the dinner rolls.

Somebody has to hold the babies while moms eat. This one is a Pickens.

Jim Gorham focuses on Customer Service with Karolyn Leary 
while Myron Graber and Kent Dallmeyer work in the background. 

Ed Lins reflects in a quiet moment while Don Vittetoe scurries in the background.

Dennis Purcell asks to "get that thing out of my face"

Congratulations on completing UI Law School, Ken Kitchin!

Mark Kendall is just the right height for that sink.

Larry Fishback sighting in the carry-out line.

Caleb Wilson asks "you want a piece of me?" of an impatient 
customer eyeing an empty turkey breast pan, 
while in the background, Bob Wollenberg braces for the impending impact.

The troops sing Russian folksongs to stay upbeat while drying silverware and glasses.

Dr. Rob Negrete swoops in to get the clean-up started.

Past DG Don Patterson wore a necktie and slacks while he went about his "work." 
Stay classy next to that tower of Cool Whip containers of leftover coleslaw.


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Hold your breath, Ken Kitchin was spotted in an arm sling the day after working kitchen duty for the Turkey Dinner.