Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rotary does Moscow

Steve Olson can't hid that Rotary pride. Check out that shiny new "Senior Active Member" button.

Congratulations to Kiersten Peck on her new job, moving from a regional Community Relations position to a national Community Relations position with the American Cancer Society.

Congratulations also to Ray Poe for playing on a national champion softball team for old guys. Searched for a link to verify but couldn't find it. Way to go, Ray!

Invite someone to Rotary Business & Industry Appreciation Day on October 17th

Hey, invite someone to the October 17 Bus & Industry day. The featured speaker is Gerald Edson and maybe Billibob Boor from Brava Tile in Washington. These guys have a patented method of making custom colored roofing tile out of recycled plastics. These guys are from Indiana and Wisconsin, and purchased the white feed mill on N. 12th Ave. in Washington (just south of Syngenta) and started limited production in August. Their customers are companies like Disney...

E-mail your invited guests name to 2013 Rotarian of the Year, Ed Raber. Would it kill you to invite a friend to hear this interesting talk?

Moscow and the Baltics

Dick Colby finally got his chance for Ericka and Meredith Raber to give a presentation on their trip last May to Moscow Russia, and the Baltic Republics; Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Ericka arranged the trip for the University Libraries in order to collect materials by former participants in the University of Iowa's International Writing Program. This renowned 40 year old program brings young, promising writers from around the world to Iowa City for several months each fall. Years later, many are far into their writing career, and the University is trying to collect their work.

Meredith enjoyed explaining her foodie blog and travel log. Ericka also put a lot of pictures up on FlickR.

Thanks, Ericka and Meredith for sharing your stories.


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