Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dove Release!

Thanks to John Moenck for inviting Tom Marsh to talk to Rotary about his homing doves. After his talk, the club went outside to watch a release of his doves.

Tom Marsh works for Washington County Public Health and is an RN.

John Moenck handles the doves without any protective gloves, and in a short sleeved shirt!

Tom Marsh gives John Moenck some last minute advice on how to let go of a squirming bird.

Later that day, Moenck received word from Tom Marsh that the birds had returned home and were tired and hungry.

For some perspective, why not relive the WKRP Turkey Drop with Les Nessman?

June 4: Gene Driscoll - TBA
June 11: Dr. John Thorne - Dr. Mike Jorgensen, Senior Active
June 18: Emory VanGerpen - TBA
June 24: WEDNESDAY, Rotary Awards Dinner 6:00pm @ Marr Park
June 25: No club meeting