Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hillcrest Family Services & Kids Against Hunger

Happy 98th Birthday to Harvey Holden! You don't look a day over 94.

Mandi Grimm from Hillcrest Family Services talked about integrated health homes. Making all services and resources available at one point of contact for individuals with mental illness.

Kristin Helm from Hillcrest Family Services discussed new services, in the Emergency Room, and with opening up appointments for therapist and psychiatric services.


Rotary Clubs of Washington, Kalona, and Wellman helped pack 12,000 meals at the Riverside Casino with their Winning Hands Employee Volunteer Program, for Kids Against Hunger on May 27. This cooperative event, in its 4th year, is becoming an important annual initiative! The Casino donated $1,500 and the three Rotary clubs added another $1,500 for a total of $3,000!

Leaders from Riverside Casino, and the Rotary Clubs of Washington, Kalona, and Wellman hand over big fake checks totaling $3,000 to Kids Against Hunger

PDG Don Patterson and Terry Engelken shine as volunteer meal packers

Wellman's Bob Freeman, with Kalona's Jeremy Statler and Pat Anderson

If you'd like to see more Rotarians in hairnets packing food for Kids Against Hunger, look back at our pictures from 2014.

May 28: John Moenck - Homing Birds
June 4: Gene Driscoll - TBA
June 11: Dr. John Thorne - Dr. Mike Jorgensen, Senior Active
June 13: Relay For Life in Central Park, 11am - 11pm
June 18: Emory VanGerpen - TBA
June 24: (Wednesday) Rotary Awards Dinner, Marr Park, 6pm