Monday, July 28, 2014

Update on City of Awesomeness

Thanks to John Moenck, Ed Lins, and Bob Ruppert for their coordination work to get the ticket gates staffed by volunteers from Rotary and the community for the Washington County Fair.

John Winga and Harvey Holden congratulate John Moenck for his work on the Fair

Ed Lins humbly accepts the Club's appreciation.

Good Bye Dennis

Rotarian and Walmart manager, Dennis Purcell said good-bye to the club as he is transferring back to run a Walmart in the Illinois side of the Quad Cities.

Several Rotarians complemented Dennis for his involvement in Rotary and the community, and for how well he managed the Washington Walmart.

Best wishes, Dennis!
Dennis Purcell says good-bye

Larry Fishback

Hey, Larry. Good to see you. Your program is on August 21st.

Larry Fishback. At Rotary.

City of Awesomeness

Rotarian and Washington City Administrator, Brent Hinson, gave a fascinating talk about the minutia of the City's improving financial condition. 

The City's general fund, and utility sewer and water funds are financially healthier than just a few years ago, even with all the projects going on around town. Great work, Brent.

Brent Hinson
If you'd like to review a PDF of Brent's presentation, click here.

Club Forum next Thursday!
Don't miss Susan's first Club Forum on Thursday. You know you want to be there.
1. Turkey Dinner—Brief Overview, Nancy Rash
2. “Keep Kids Warm” coat project of DG John Ockenfels, Terry Engelken
3. Relay for Life, Cheryl Kurtz
4. IT  stuff—Any updates/Overview


July 31:  Club Forum! 
August 7:  Ray Poe
August 14:  Ryan Walker
August 21:  Larry Fishback
September 15:  Rotary Turkey Dinner!