Monday, July 21, 2014

Rotary tours new Kirkwood Regional Center, hears about ExperienceWorks

Thanks to Sue Basten for arranging for Rotary to tour the almost-completed Kirkwood Regional Education Center in Washington on July 10th.

The facility is going to have a big impact on education of youth and adults around Washington County.

Thanks to potential future Rotarian, Tera Pickens for giving us a great tour!

There will be over 200 students in the new Regional Center, and have over 14 career academies for students to choose from. The new Center will also house the Washington/WACO Assure Center (an alternative high school), as well as many adult programs.

Rotary in Europe

Rotarian & Kirkwood staffer, Kierstan Peck missed the Kirkwood tour last week, but only because she was touring Sweden and Norway. (These are not towns in Iowa.)

Kierstan Peck checks in to Rotary clubs in Sweden!
Uhmmm! Pickeled herring for Rotary lunch!

Rotary at the Fair

Thanks to everyone that worked a shift or two at the entry gates at the Washington County Fair. It was a great event, and we helped to make it a successful (orderly) event. The blurry, telescopic pictures of Mark Kendall actually working on his feet are still being verified to make sure it was actually him in the pictures.


Thanks to Steve Olson for arranging for Robyn Krell of ExperienceWorks to speak with us on July 17th. ExperienceWorks is a nationwide non-profit that provides on-the-job-training opportunities for low-income older workers whose goal is to gain permanent employment.

Robyn Krell of ExperienceWorks

If you know a 55+ person that would like some job training to re-enter the workforce, or if you know of a 501c(3) non-profit organization that might want to host an ExperienceWorks client, be sure to contact Robyn Krell. Her phone number is 319-505-3243.

ExperienceWorks was formerly known as Green Thumb.

Riverboat Foundation Grant

Paul Horak was on hand to accept a $800 check for a Mini-Grant award from the Washington County Riverboat Foundation on July 16. Rotary was one of 52 grants awarded that evening for almost $100,000. Rotary's grant was to help purchase equipment and supplies for our annual Turkey Dinner. That's a lot of napkins!


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