Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Schindler talks RYLA & Turkey Dinner Work Assignments

There were some great guests at Rotary this week.
Grandpa Jim and Sam Gorham
Gary Murphy and Jess Menzia (Gary's son-in-law)
Kevin Dunbar of CB Solar, guest of Tsalika Drown

Thanks to the Schindlers for being a family host for our 2013-14 exchange student, Hannah Purner.
Hannah Purner
Kayla, Greg and Dawn Schindler
Rotary selected Kayla Schindler as our RYLA student this summer. She went to the week-long leadership experience hosted at Grinnell College this summer. Kayla will be a senior at Washington High School this year.

Thanks, Kayla for the great presentation about what you did, what you learned, and for encouraging us to try after lunch backrubs.

If you'd like to make your own on-line, zoom-in/zoom-out presentation like Kayla, check out Prezi.

Dr. Ann Harris presents Kayla Schindler with her official RYLA participation certificate

Rotary doing RYLA after-lunch backrubs. A new tradition?


Rotary's annual Turkey Dinner is coming up on September 15, 2014 at the Washington United Methodist Church. Chairperson Nancy Rash has made these work assignments. Take note.

Remember, the funds from feeding 600+ at the Turkey Dinner help us fund student scholarships next Spring! (Sell your tickets...)

Sue Basten
4-7 PM Window Server - Beans
Dick Colby
4-7 PM Window Server - Rolls   
Kent Dallmeyer
4-7 Dining Room – Reset Tables   
Craig Davis
4-7 PM Shift Captain/Chair, Coffee at 3PM
Gene Driscoll 
4-7 PM  Milk/Coffee/Water
Tsalika Drown
4-7 PM Window Server - Coleslaw
Jim Dunn
8-10 AM Set-up - Bag Rolls    653-4433
Terry Engelkin
4-7 PM Window Server - Turkey, Pick –up Pies @ bakery, Order pies @ bakery
Denise Erpelding
 7-10 AM Beans, 3 PM pies, 4-7 PM Dessert Manager
Larry Fishback
4-7  PM Carry out - Turkey
Jim Gorham
4-7 PM Dining Room- Wash Tables
Myron Graber
8-11 AM Set –Up, Pick-up Pies from Ione @ noon
Becky Harkema
2-5 PM Pies
Ann Harris
2-5 PM Coleslaw, Friday Groceries
Brent Hinson
8-11 AM Set-up – Out of Town
Harvey Holden
8-11 AM Set-up - Wrap Silver
Paul Horak
7-10 AM Beans
Dennis Hunger
6-9 PM Final Dining Room Clean-up, Vac Carpet, Turkey Sales, etc.
Emily Johnson
Friday Groceries,  2-5 PM Pies
Mike Jorgensen
4-7 PM Dining Room – Milk/Coffee/Water
Mark Kendall
5-8 PM Kitchen Clean-up
Bob Kennedy
5-8 PM Kitchen Clean-up
Kenneth Kitchen
 5-8 PM Kitchen Clean-up
Cheryl Kurtz
 7-10 AM Day Shift Captain/Chair, BBQ Sauce
Ryan Koller
4-7 PM Dining Room – Re-Set Tables
Ed Lins
4-7 PM Shift Captain with Craig Davis
Chris Marshall
2-5 PM Pies
Matt Miller
5-8 PM Kitchen Clean-up
John Moenck 
4-7 PM Dining Room Director
Jim Mostek
(Rotarian of the Year) 5-8 PM Kitchen Clean-up
Gary Murphy
2-5 PM Coleslaw
Rob Negrete
6-9 PM Final Clean-up Dining Room – Vac Carpet, Turkey Sales, etc.
Steve Olson
4-7 PM Dining Room – Re-Set tables
Becky Patterson
2-5 PM Pies, 4-7 PM Dessert Manager
Don Patterson
8-11 AM Set-up Tables, etc.,  4-7 PM Dessert Manager
Kierstan Peck
4-7 PM Carry-out - Coleslaw
Michelle Redlinger
2-5 PM Coleslaw   
Ray Poe
8-11 AM Set-up Tables, etc
Ed Raber
4-7 PM Dining Room – Clear Tables:  ?? Meredith Raber  4-7 PM Carry-out
Phil Rabinowitz
5-8 PM Kitchen Clean-up
Nancy Rash
Chair, Order Groceries, 1 PM Start Beans, 2-5 PM Pies
Ed Rustioni
2-5 PM Coleslaw
Bob Ruppert
4-7 PM Dining Room – Wash Tables
Kathy Salazar
4-7 PM Carry-out  
Steve Slaubaugh
4-7 PM Carry-out - Beans
John Thorne
5-8 PM Kitchen Clean-up
Eric Turner
6-9 PM Final Clean-up Dining Room – Vac Carpet, Turkey Sales, etc.
Emory VanGerpen
8-11 AM Set –Up – Bag Rolls
Don Vitttetoe
4-7 PM Dining Room – Clear Tables
Ryan Walker 
6-9 PM Final Clean-up Dining Room - Vac Carpet, Turkey Sales, etc.
Susan Wellington
4-7 PM Tickets, Final Ticket Count, Ticket Sales
John Winga
8-11 AM Set-up - Wrap Silver
Bob Wollenberg
5-8 PM Kitchen Clean-up Description: escription: https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/tracker/8183342755759917328-8857360848488189818?l=www.washingtonrotary.org


August 21: 7:00am - Rotary Board Meeting at WCHC
August 21: Larry Fishback - Tony Maxwell of the Washington Co USDA NRCS
August 28: Nancy Rash - Turkey Dinner Planning
Sept. 4: Rob Negrete
Sept. 11:  Michelle Redlinger
Sept. 18: District Gov. JOHN OCKENFELS!

Check out John & Deb Ockenfels YouTube video about his district project Light Up Rotary - Keep Kids Warm, partnering with Operation Warm that will supply 4000 coats for kids with our per-capita donation of $16.50. One coat for every Rotarian in District 6000.