Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rotary Turkey Dinner Work Assignments

Rotary's annual Turkey Dinner is coming up on September 9, 2013. Chairperson Nancy Rash has made these work assignments. Take note.

Remember, the funds from feeding 600+ at the Turkey Dinner help us fund student scholarships next Spring! (Sell your tickets...)

Sue Basten              4-7 PM Window Server

Dick Colby              4-7  PM  Window Server 
Kent Dallmeyer        4-7 Dining Room
Craig Davis              4-7 PM Shift Captain/Chair, Coffee at 3PM
Tsalika Drown          4-7 PM Window Server
Jim Dunn                8-10 AM Set-up
Terry Engelkin         4-7 PM Window Server, Pick –up & Order Pies @ bakery
Denise Erpelding      7-10 AM Beans, 3 PM pies, 4-7 PM Dessert Manager
Larry Fishback          4-7  PM Carry out
Jim Gorham             4-7 PM Dining Room
Myron Graber           8-11 AM Set –Up, Pick-up Pies from Ione
Becky Harkema         2-5 PM Pies
Ann Harris                1 PM Start Beans, 2-5 PM Coleslaw, Friday Groceries
Brent Hinson             8-11 AM Set-up
Harvey Holden          2-5 PM Coleslaw
Paul Horak                7-10 AM Beans
Dennis Hunger           6-9 PM Clean-up
Mike Jorgensen         4-7 PM Dining Room
Mark Kendall             5-8 PM Kitchen Clean-up
Bob Kennedy             5-8 PM Kitchen Clean-up
Kenneth Kitchen        5-8 PM Kitchen Clean-up
Cheryl Kurtz              7-10 AM BBQ Sauce, Day Shift Captain/Chair,
Ed Lins                     4-7 PM Shift Captain with Craig Davis
Chris Marshall           2-5 PM Pies, Pie Chair
Matt Miller               5-8 PM Kitchen Clean-up
John Moenck            4-7 PM Dining Room Director
Jim Mostek               5-8 PM Kitchen Clean-up
Gary Murphy             2-5 PM Coleslaw
Rob Negrete             6-9 PM Final Clean-up
Steve Olson              4-7 PM Dining Room
Becky Patterson        2-5 PM Pies, 4-7 PM Dessert Manager
Don Patterson           8-11 AM Set-up, evening as needed
Kierstan Peck           4-7 PM Carry-out
Michelle Peiffer       2-5 PM Pies     
Lil Perry                  2-5 PM Pies
Ray Poe                   8-11 AM Set-up
Dennis Purcell         6-9 PM Final Clean-up, Deliver Groceries Monday AM
Ed Raber                 4-7 PM Dining Room;  Meredith  4-7 PM Carry-out
Nancy Rash              Chair
Bob Ruppert            4-7 PM Dining Room
Kathy Salazar           4-7 PM Carry-out  
Darwin Sherman      4-7 PM Dining Room
Steve Slaubaugh      4-7 PM Carry-out
Jon Thompson         6-9 PM Final Clean-up
Eric Turner              6-9 PM Final Clean-up
Emory VanGerpen     2-5 PM Coleslaw
Don Vitttetoe           4-7 PM Dining Room
Ryan Walker             6-9 PM Final Clean-up
Susan Wellington      4-7 PM Tickets, Final Ticket Count
Caleb Wilson            6-9 PM Final Clean-up
John Winga              8-11 AM Set-up
Bob Wollenberg       5-8 PM Kitchen Clean-up Description:

Exchange Student    4-7 PM Dessert Manager