Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Habitat for Humanity, Kirkwood & Membership

On August 15...

Thanks to Ray Poe for having Mark Patton of Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity visit with us about their future plans with Washington County. The Washington County chapter recently merged with the Iowa City based Iowa Valley chapter.

Mark Patton has been with Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity for 22 years, and the last 7 as Executive Director.

Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity is planning to begin a new home start on Washington's north side, in Highland subdivision. Previously, Washington County's Habitat had built 17 homes around the County.

On August 22nd...

Tera Pickens pleads with her hands for everyone (everyone) to think about taking a Kirkwood Continuing Education class. Would that kill you?

Tera also asked everyone (everyone) to please click here to take Kirkwood's quick (short) survey about what to offer on Continuing Education here in Washington County. Thank you in advance for your participation, Rotarians!

Keep in mind, Raber is probably keeping track of who clicks (or doesn't click) on the Survey link for Kirkwood...

Susan Wellington uses her hands to encourage everyone to grow the club membership by inviting someone to Rotary.


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