Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Raber gives creepy update on tracking Rotarians every move

Thanks to Bob Ruppert for having Rotarian of the Year, Ed Raber give what turned out to be a creepy presentation about how he maintains and tracks web traffic to the Club web site, coupled with tracking which Rotarians open the weekly e-mails, how many times, and what they click on in each message.

Raber said that he registered the web domain name, He said that the weekly e-mails that are sent out are actually updates to the blog that are on the web site, so they persist as long as the web site is up and can be searched. He said this is a good thing if people would like to learn more about Rotary and our Club.

Raber says he uses the free Google "Blogger" online website development tool. He uses the free e-mail marketing online program, MailChimp to send out the regular weekly e-mails via RSS. He said that he took some time to set up the look of the web site and the MailChimp e-mails so that they look similar, and that they have good information about the Club and Rotary International.

He noted sadly that he doesn't cross-post the updates to social media since "like only 4 Rotarians are on FaceBook."

Raber showed how MailChimp allows you to track who has opened the e-mails that are sent, how often, and when. He also showed that MailChimp can track how many clicks there are on individual links in the e-mails and by whom.

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The Raber's - Ed, Meredith, Ericka, and Henry

Rotary International Convention NEWS - END POLIO NOW

An announcement at the Rotary International Convention in Lisbon, Portugal, set the stage for a bold new chapter in the partnership between Rotary and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in the campaign for polio eradication.  
“Going forward, the Gates Foundation will match two-to-one, up to US$35 million per year, every dollar Rotary commits to reduce the funding shortfall for polio eradication through 2018. If fully realized, the value of this new partnership with Rotary is more than $500 million. In this way, your contributions to polio will work twice as hard.”  said Jeff Raikes, the foundation’s CEO, in a prerecorded video address shown during the convention’s plenary session on 25 June. 
 Click here for more info about this END POLIO NOW announcement.


June 27:  Kent Dallmeyer - Rotary Foundation
July 4:  No Club Meeting - Celebrate Independence Day
July 11:  10:30am Rotary Board Meeting w/ Gov. Andrew @ Y
July 11:  Rotary District Governor Jacque Andrew!