Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Associate Member Pilot Program

Well, last weeks program was certainly interesting. And instead of Rotary buying a book on behalf of the Program, all the Rotarians got a book to take home!

Upcoming Programs

Nov. 1 - Dr. Mike Jorgensen's program is Curt Mayer, Principal at the Washington Middle School (the former High School).
Nov. 8 - Rev. Bob Wollenberg's program is Pedro Lujano who will give a presentation on the new stained glass window he created for the lobby of the Library.

RI Associate Member Pilot Program

At last week's Washington Rotary Board meeting, it was decided to adopt the Rotary International's Associate Member pilot program. Click on that link to download a small PDF about the program.

The reason the club is hoping to use this tool is to make it easier for prospective new members to "try out" Rotary for 2 months, without any cost. If they like it, hopefully they'll join. And we'll have longer than just 1-2 meetings to help them feel comfortable and welcome.

Get out there and ask someone to come (or come back) to Rotary. The Club will cover their lunch for a couple months, and they don't have any strings attached.