Wednesday, January 29, 2020


On December 12th, Tsalika invited Lori Sundberg from Kirkwood and Lorraine Williams who is on the Board of Trustees at Kirkwood to update us on all that Kirkwood has to offer.
Lori is the current and first female President at Kirkwood since 2018.  She has previous senior administrative experience and brings all that knowledge to Kirkwood.  Currently there are 15,000 credit students enrolled with 5,000 high school concurrent students.  Kirkwood offers 2 year liberal arts degrees and many career/tech degrees.   They also offer a wide variety of continuing education classes with approximately 60,000 registrations per year.  
Kirkwood has the main campus in Cedar Rapids and currently 11 satellite sites.  
Lori’s focus while at Kirkwood has been for long term goals and metrics for Kirkwood.  She would like to establish a long term perspective and help the college meet the short term goals but also set and help set a plan to achieve long terms goals as well.  She has also been focusing on the Kirkwood Foundation and creating a solid Emergency Management Plan for the main campus and satellite sites to implement.