Wednesday, October 30, 2019

KCTC - digital security

On October 10th, Terry invited Casey Peck, Jeremy Gugel and Rory White to come and present information in regards to digital security with us.

Jeremy Gugel and Rory White review tips for digital security
KCTC continues to see an increase in data breaches according to national data collected over the past several years.  Of the breaches that are recorded, small business account for 60%.  There is no one type of business affected; there is a wide variety and really anyone could be a target.
There are 3 types of breaches:
1. Cyber Crime
2. Cyber Warfare
3. Cyber Espionage
Casey Peck presenting information on cyber security
There are several ways the criminals can penetrate your system, but the most common seem to be:
- Phishing
- Social Engineering (job opportunities/social accounts)
- Public Wifi
Casey focused on public wifi for our group.  When using public wifi, be very wary as your device could be compromised by anyone else using that same wifi.  Casey suggests using some kind of VPN or not using public wifi if you can help it.  This just decreases your chance of getting breached by someone else sharing that same network.
Some final tips she shared were:
- Educate yourself and if you are a small business, your employees
- Watch public wifi
- Review your passwords
           Passwords with 10 characters could be hacked in 90 days with todays technology
           Passwords with 12 characters could be hacked in 100 years

Rory, Jeremy, Casey and Terry