Wednesday, October 30, 2019

A perspective from our North and South borders

On September 19th Laura Bombei brought her guest, John Brinning, to discuss his experiences as a retired border patrol officer.
John worked on both the Southern and Northern borders with a wide variety of experiences over the life of his career. 

John Brinning and Laura Bombei
John started his career going to the academy to be a patrol officer and was talked into considering border patrol.  He worked in California, Washington State, Minnesota and Texas throughout his career, with a lot of time working in Texas securing the southern border.  The work he may have enjoyed the most over his years was the boat work.  He would work from the boat to secure the borders near a coastline.  
After his time in active work on the border, he retired but was not ready to step away from work.  He then taught at the academy for 7 years before fully retiring.
Thank you, John, for coming to speak to us and sharing your experiences!
John sharing his experiences with us.