Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Club Forum

President Lynn Koch hosted a club forum today. Ideas were discussed for future fundraising ideas, including possibly doing a high dollar raffle.
The Christmas committee updated us on the plan for next week. We will meet at our regular meeting time for "12 days of Christmas" and we will get to enjoy some extra singing.
Becky Patterson gave an update about a recent project at the high school auditorium. When her husband Don passed away, memorials were made to Rotary. This money, along with a match by the Betterment Foundation, was used to install benches in the lobby of the Washington Area Performing Arts and Events Center.
A date was set for our end of the Rotary year event. This will be held Wednesday, June 26th, and will again be at the Washington Country Club.

Tsalika (DoDici's Cafe) catered Rotary today, and she brought her 2 month old daughter, Corley to meet everyone! Jaron enjoyed meeting the sweet baby.

Bob Crane visited our club from the Iowa City area.

Upcoming Events
December 20: 12 Days of Christmas
December 27: No meeting, MERRY CHRISTMAS
January 3: State of the Club - Lynn Koch
January 10: Susan Wellington - Daffodils
January 17: Amber Trettin