Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Veterans Day & RI Foundation

Veteran's Day

Thanks to Bob Kennedy for inviting NCO Ashley Zerwas from the National Guard unit in Washington to speak to us for Veteran's Day.
Bob Kennedy (left) and Ashley Zerwas (right)
It was great to have several guests for our Veteran's Day program. Somehow the guests were all Kiwanis members.

Joe McConnell regaled those around him with his stories of navigating a bomber. Scott Lujan listens patiently, again, to Joe's stories.
Scott Lujan and Joe McConnell
Kiwanis member Lonny Milligan had his own stories of the calvary.
Lonny Milligan

It was also great to have Carol Miller, club president in Wellman, visit our club meeting. Welcome Carol!
Ashley Zerwas and Wellman's Carol Miller

Kurt Sorensen brought his office colleague, Becky Mougin to Rotary too. Welcome Becky!
Kurt Sorensen and Becky Mougin

Thanks to NCO Ashley Zerwas for your remarks about how you joined the National Guard and made it your career. Great job on your first presentation. We appreciate your service and leadership! 
National Guard's Ashley Zerwas

RI Foundation

Ray Poe invited PDG Terry Geiger to speak on Nov. 16th about the importance of the RI Foundation, and the local and global initiatives that they have undertaken to change the world. Polio eradication is one of the top priorities.
PDG Terry Geiger
PDG Terry Geiger presented club president Michelle Redlinger with 100% Member Participation in RI Foundation banner for 2016-17! Congratulations to all our Club Members!
Club Pres. Michelle Redlinger and PDG Terry Geiger


Thanks to everyone that has volunteered to bell ring for the Salvation Army at HyVee. This is a great way for Rotary to help serve the community.


November 30:  Dr. Ann Harris - Workplace Learning Connection's Judy Marshall
December 7:  Jeff Dicks - TBA
December 14: 5:30pm Rotary Holiday Party @ Washington Country Club!