Monday, December 26, 2016

Twelve Days of Christmas and Purdue


Rotary has a goal to donate $1,000 to HACAP to help them meet the needs of local families this winter. The Rotary board has committed $500 from the club and several members have donated $100 towards the $1,000. If you'd like to donate $50 or $100 to help us reach that goal (and get a donation receipt), get a check THIS WEEK to treasurer Terry Engelken at Washington State Bank (653-2151).

Thanks for your support!


Around the Holiday's, we get to see the kids of Rotarians making a trip home. Its great to see them and hear what they are up to. This week was no exception.

Dr. Ann Harris brought her daughter, the newly minted Dr. Mary Beth Harris, PhD!
Dr. Mary Beth Harris, PhD and Dr. Ann Harris DDS
Superintendent Jeff Dicks brought his son, Brady, who is attending Buena Vista University. Jeff is thinking through his upcoming spiel for the club about how he has never canceled or delayed school. Ever. No matter how bad it was outside.

Jeff Dicks and Brady Dicks
Sue Basten brought her son Kyle Basten, who is attending Iowa State University.
Kyle and Sue Basten

Twelve Days of Christmas

An old Rotary Washington tradition, started by Boyd White, was to sing an interactive version of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Thanks to Cheryl Kurtz for finding the old posters for each day (12 of them), we were able to renew the tradition this year!

Paul Horak (Dancing Lady) and Becky Patterson
Paul Horak and Becky Patterson were the favs for their interpretive dance for "Nine Ladies Dancing." You've got the moves, Paul.

Twelve Days of Christmas posters


Dr. Ann Harris had today's program (her daughter Dr. Mary Beth Harris) and she gave a little background. Ann was the 3rd of 10 kids, and grew up in Chicago. She went to the University of Iowa and became a dental hygienists before going on to earn her MA and becoming a dentist. She is married to Dr. Jim Harris and has three kids, and one grand daughter I think.

Ann joined Washington Rotary in 1990 and was the first woman member! In 1991 she co-chaired the first Turkey Dinner fundraiser. She was club president in 1994-5.


Dr. Mary Beth Harris was our Christmas week program for the 2nd year in a row. This time, she's a PhD kind of Dr.! She filled us in on her new work at Perdue University.
Purdue University is a top destination for international students. Purdue Language and Cultural Exchange (PLaCE) supports those international students who learned English as a second language, and who will benefit from language and cultural support as they adjust to life at a U.S. university.
In PLaCE courses, you'll develop:
  • Language skills through balanced learning across core language strands of meaning-focused input and output, language-focused learning, and fluency development.
  • Intercultural awareness by learning to recognize your own cultural traditions and to understand, appreciate and participate in other cultural traditions.
Our mission at PLaCE is to provide a strong instructional and assessment program. We'll help you develop the academic, linguistic and cultural competencies needed to participate in university life and to compete for graduate school and employment opportunities.


December 29: Tsalika Rich - Lorraine Williams
January 5: Bob Kennedy - TBD
January 12:  Lynn Koch - TBD
January 19:  Amber Trettin - TBD