Tuesday, December 22, 2015

When to use a comma, or not.

The Club was pleased to give some holiday cheer to Rotary exchange student, Andres Bravo. In addition to a winter coat, he got a gift card. We know how to do it in Rotary.
Andres Bravo and Tsalika Rich
Always good to have Barry Johnson from Wellman Rotary drop by our club meeting.
Barry Johnson

Mary Beth Harris helps us to be less Annoying

Mary Beth Harris is a Washington native currently working on her PhD in 19th Century English Literature at Purdue University (playing January 1st in the "Heart of Dallas Bowl" - tickets still available). Mary Beth was also Washington Rotary's 2005 John Prochaska Rotary Service Award winner.

As a teacher at Purdue, Mary Beth works to help those of us in the 21st Century to improve our communication skills in our e-mail, the most used writing format for many of us.
Mary Beth Harris
10 Common E-mail Errors to Avoid
  1. Missing Subject Line
  2. Missing/Inappropriate Greeting
  3. Missing Identities
  4. Overly Long E-mails
  5. Missing Signatures
  6. Overly Casual Tone
  7. Punctuation Problems
  8. Empty E-mails with no messages and a lone attachment
  9. Crazy Fonts/Colors/Formatting
  10. A Lack of Proof Reading

Yes. Mary Beth is the daughter of Rotarian Dr. Ann Harris.
Mary Beth Harris and Dr. Ann Harris


December 24: NO ROTARY MEETING - enjoy Christmas Eve
December 31: NO ROTARY MEETING - enjoy New Years Eve
January 7: Bob Kennedy - TBA
January 14: Lynn Koch - TBA
January 21: Amber Scott - TBA