Monday, July 13, 2015

Tsalika takes the reigns

In our first meeting of the new Rotary 2015-16 year, Tsalika Rich led her first club meeting as President. Looking forward to a great year!

Check out President Tsalika's Committee Assignments here on the Washington Rotary web site.

Tsalika Rich
While Tsalika was just starting her term, Jim Gorham oversaw his last meeting as the "Justice Fine Master." I'm sure we'll miss your brand of Justice, Jim. Probably.

Jim Gorham

Nathan Miller, Washington High School baseball coach, gave Rotary an update about where the baseball team has been and where he is leading the team. Thanks, Nathan, for your coaching and commitment.

Nathan and Brandy Miller

Thanks to Steve Olson for inviting Washington County Public Health director, Danielle Pettit-Majewski to speak July 9th about her department's decade long planning process for exploring facility needs.
Danielle Pettit-Majewski
Danielle gave some statistics about Public Health's impact in Washington County and an overview of all of their programs.

Public Health has a planned bond referendum for a new facility on the Nov. 3rd general election ballot that will require a 60% "Yes" vote for approval. 

In other Rotary news - Thanks to Jim Mostek for his years of service as club treasurer. Paul Horak has stepped up to assume the treasurer duties for this year. And Terry Engelken is our new Fine Master for Justice!

Paul Horak and Terry Engelken
Dear Rotary Club of Washington, 
Thank you for the Rotarian of the Year Award given at the Award Night.  It was very meaningful to receive the recognition and a big surprise also. I enjoy working with all members on club projects, appreciate your help and look forward to another year in Rotary.  
    - Nancy Rash

July 16: 7AM Rotary Board Meeting @ WCHC
July 16: Sue Basten - Ben Stanton "Your Story"
July 20-24: Washington County Fair - enjoy working the Fair gates!
July 23: Gary Murphy - Matt Murphy’s trip to Liberia for Ebola with the CDC
July 30: District 6000 District Governor, Loring Miller
Aug 6: Ray Poe - TBA