Monday, April 27, 2015

Club Forum!

Rotary District 6000 2015 Conference

The annual District conference is always a great way to learn about Rotary and what is going on in the District, youth exchanges, our internal and outreach programs, as well as Rotary International and Rotary Foundation initiatives.

It was great to see a big group of Washington Rotarians attend the keynote lunch presentation on Friday, April 17 at the Coralville Marriott. This was a great show of support for Rotary and for District Governor John Ockenfels.

Washington Rotarians attend District 6000 Conference luncheon
Club Forum!

Club President, Susan Wellington couldn't be here for the meeting, but we had a great club forum anyway. 

We got a few updates:

Annual Dinner, June 24
Wednesday, June 24 is the Club's Annual Dinner at Marr Park
Presentations at the Club Forum will include

  • Bill Sitler Community Service Award - receives $100 to donate to charity of their choice
  • Rotarian of the Year
  • 2 scholarships for $800 to WHS seniors
  • John Prochaska Rotary Service award to a WHS senior for $200
For a list of previous award winners check out our Awards & Scholarships page on the website.

Turkey Dinner, Sept. 13
Monday, September 13, 4-7pm Rotary Turkey Dinner. Sell tickets, make cole slaw, organize deserts, etc.
Last summer, the club received a Riverboat Foundation minigrant for $800 for new equipment to use at our Turkey Dinner.
Thanks to Dennis Purcel, we also received an $800 grant from Walmart toward food supplies for last Fall's event. We are hoping to get another grant toward our food supplies for this year.

Terry Engelken reminded the club we have reserved $5,000 of the club's money to go toward the Auditorium project at WHS. We are planning on a $5,000 District Community Grant for a total contribution to the Auditorium of $10,000.

Ed Lins was also looking for more volunteers for a team to compete at the Hospice Trivia Night!

Don Patterson awards Tsalica Drown for becoming a Paul Harris Fellow
for her donations to the Rotary Foundation 
Welcome back, John Moenck. Congrats on earning a pin for recruiting a new member - Amber Scott!
Welcome Lynn Koch, guest of Myron Graber. Koch is a new lender at Federation Bank.
Photobomb by Dick Colby.
Thanks to these Rotarians for attending Wellman Rotary for their 75th club anniversary dinner!
By height: Becky Patterson, Nancy Rash, Emily Johnson, Don Patterson
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June 24: Rotary Annual Dinner at Marr Park