Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rotary hears about new rental inspections

Thursday, January 15th Rotary will meet in the Morrison Center at Halcyon House.  You can park down by the Applewood Bistro off Sitler Drive.  There is another parking lot off of Sitler Drive and one off of B Avenue across from the High School.  See you there!!!

Ok, for those of you wondering why??? there is currently no heat in the Y's Mens room and it is cold outside, and we want to be warm inside!

Jim Mostek's sentence on Hospital Board ends

Congratulations to Rotarian of the Year, Jim Mostek as he announced that his sentence on the Washington County Hospital board of trustees has ended. Jim had been sentenced to 3 terms.

Gary Murphy also presented Mostek with a replacement necktie after an "incident" they got in to last month.

Rotarian of the Year - Jim Mostek
John Winga reminds the club, again, that he went to Michigan State


City building and zoning official, Steve Donnolly gave a very informative presentation about the public planning process the City went through for the past year, and the decision to implement a rental inspection program. Donnolly said that the City wants to put an emphasis on health and safety guidelines, like electrical safety.

To read the City's new 10-page ordinance, click here.

Steve Donnolly


January 15: 7am Rotary Board @ WCHC
January 15: Becky Harkema - Rotary Christmas Program AT HALCYON HOUSE
January 22: Paul Horak - Rotary Blood Drive planning 
January 29: Bob Kennedy - TBA
February 5: Club Forum!