Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy Septaquintaquinquecentennial !

Today's meeting fell on Halloween and Rotarians really got into the "spirit" on the holiday.

Cowgirl Michelle Redlinger reads the newspaper during Rotary.
Someone dressed as Unknown Rotarian in the foreground.

Pirate Ed Lins

Kent Dallmeyer is amused by what is probably Gary Murphy

Washington's Septaquintaquinquecentennial

The Washington Chamber is spearheading  the community planning effort for the Washington 175th Anniversary celebration on June 1-8, 2014. Millie Youngquist and Diane Gallagher are volunteer leaders of this effort. Rotarian, Kierstan Peck is also a volunteer leader.

Check out the Chamber's web site with day by day info on the big event.

Millie Youngquist talks about plans for the upcoming 
Millie is also the Director of the Community Foundation of Washington County, and a retired vocal music teacher at WACO.


Back in October, this newsletter reported that it could not verify the claim that Ray Poe made at Rotary that he plays on a seniors softball team that recently won a national championship or something. Poe has recently provided a link to a Naperville Sun newspaper article on his team, the Challengers 65, winning a "gold medal."

That is great, until you read the last line of the article which states the disclaimer that it was "submitted by a member of the community." Hardly the kind of journalistic integrity that goes with sports coverage of national championships.

Way to go, Ray. Congrats on the "gold medal."


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