Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Iowa Speedway

Last week, Denise and Kevin presented their experience driving at the Iowa Speedway!

Denise and Kevin were able to go to Newton and do the Iowa Speedway experience.  The Iowa Speedway is a 7/8 mile oval track.  Cars on race day reach speeds up to 150 mph or more.  Denise claimed there were no odometers in the cars she and Kevin drove so she wasn't sure what her top speed was!

They both had to participate in a 3 hour course before stepping in a car.  This was to review safety practices, where to keep the car in the actual track and other items for them to get the most out of their experience!
Thank you for sharing about this awesome experience! 

We also briefly discussed the upcoming Turkey Dinner in September.  Several signs are being posted in high traffic areas in town this year to help promote this event.  This is the first year we have used these signs.

Upcoming Events:
29 - Jaron Rosien
5 - Turkey Dinner Program
9 - Turkey Dinner!
12 - No Meeting (Turkey Dinner Week)
19 - Laura Bombei