Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Membership Matters!

President Lynn Koch provided the presentation last week about increasing membership. He showed a very entertaining video from the Rotary District 6000 leaders. Some clubs who are having success at increasing membership are doing a good job about getting family members involved in activities. The video encourages clubs to be creative in finding ways to be more visible in the community. They also encouraged clubs to do a "Rotary Club Health Check" which helps identify areas where your club can make improvements (click the link to go to a webpage which has a downloadable version of the health check).
Lynn would like to remind all club members to bring guests frequently. Bringing guests may lead to new members, and if not, will at least increase awareness of Rotary, our objectives, and what we are all about.

Michelle Redlinger brought Alisha Davis to Rotary. Alisha is the Event Coordinator at the Washington Chamber of Commerce.

Upcoming Events:
April 4: Connie Larson
April 11: Willie Stone
April 18: Emory Van Gerpen (Holy Week)
April 25: Bob Lamb