Wednesday, March 6, 2019

JET PT: Healthy Living Link

Last week, Brandi Hemsley introduced Audrianne Timmer to speak to Rotary about Healthy Living Link. Audrianne is the Health Coach at JET Physical Therapy. She began working there about a year ago, and launched a new program last fall called Healthy Living Link. This program is designed as a link between the medical treatments that patients receive, both at JET and with their other medical providers, and living a healthy lifestyle. The program can help patients in all stages of life, whether the goal is weight loss, moderating disease processes such as diabetes or heart disease, or just wanting to live healthier to feel better with less pain and more energy. The program is 16 weeks long, with 7 group meetings (small groups of about 5-7 people participate at a time), and weekly one-on-one meetings with Audrianne to discuss things such as meal planning, obstacles from the past week and how to work past them, and instruction in a personalized exercise plan. Audrianne has had 1 group of 5, plus 2 other individuals complete the program so far with great results, and saw similar results in her previous employment working for St. Luke's Weight Management Center.
Audrianne plans to begin a new group of individuals with the program within the next month. If you would like more information about the program, please contact JET Physical Therapy at 653-5494.

Audrianne Timmer speaks about Healthy Living Link

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