Wednesday, January 10, 2018

UP Home Wellness Center and Club Forum

Over the holiday break, it was nice to see some Rotary kids visiting.
Jeff Dicks and son Brady

Craig Davis with wife Jane and kid Kristin

Gary Murphy with son and son-in-law

Diana RIch and Amy Kleese from the United Presbyterian Home

Garrett Health & Wellness Center

Amy Kleese spoke about the newly opened Garrett Health and Wellness Center at the United Presbyterian Home.
Amy Kleese

Garrett Health & Wellness Center

Club Forum!

We welcomed new corporate member Shelli Cleverly from Washington County Hospital & Clinics.
Shelli Cleverly
Ray Poe (right) and Amber Trettin (shy person on the left) both celebrated birthdays in January.

Club President, Michelle Redlinger had a $2 bill for Rotary brags.
Michelle Redlinger

Laura Bombei announced that she is a new Grandma! Congratulations!
Laura Bombei (right)

Club President, Michelle Redlinger led us in discussions about several club topics

Treasurer Terry Engelken said that the Rotary Turkey Dinner in September had a net income of $4,000. This is slightly higher than last year, even though ticket sales were down, so were expenses.

We also discussed inviting more recent guests to consider club membership.


January 11: Susan Wellington - Daffodils fundraiser
January 18: Amber Trettin - TBA
January 25: Paul Horak - New member recognition
February 1: Kurt Sorensen - TBA
February 8: Tsalika Rich - TBA