Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dr. Jorgensen talks about Highland Schools

Welcome and thanks to our visitors this week at Washington Rotary. 

Thanks to Rotarian, Kurt Sorensen for inviting new colleague Angela Langstraat at Hills Bank and Trust. Welcome Angela!
Angela Langstraat and Rotarian, Kurt Sorensen 
Rotarian, Craig Davis will take credit for inviting former Rotarian, Kiersten Peck back for one more week before Kiersten, Nic and Anders head back to Minnesota where she will be a career counselor for a private college. Washington and Kirkwood Washington Regional Center will all miss Kiersten.
Rotarian, Craig Davis and former Rotarian, Kiersten Peck

Dr. Mike Jorgensen

Dr. J was the Washington School superintendent for 8 years, and was a valued Rotarian. He slid into semi-retirement two years ago, and did some teaching at Kirkwood.

He came back to Rotary to talk about his upcoming return to work. Dr. J will be the interim superintendent at Highland School District in nearby Riverside. He said that he had previously been superintendent in western Iowa at a district that was about the same size with many of the same issues as Highland, so he believes he is a good fit and has the background to help the school and community.

Dr. J also noted that he has lost about 60 pounds after discovering that he was pre-diabetic. He has changed his diet and started running again. Thankfully, his body is now eligible to be donated to science.

Dr. Mike Jorgensen


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